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Standard Roofing Company provides a free estimate and recommendations for the right roofing system, with a guarantee, for your property. Residential roof replacements are typically guaranteed for 20 years and include on-site inspections every five years, at no charge.

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Products & Services

Sloped Roofs

Shingles (Traditional) Modern shingles are composed of a fiberglass base saturated in asphalt with mineral gra…

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Flat Roofs

TAR AND GRAVEL Roofing systems constructed of hot asphalt and fiberglass roofing felts have proven themselves over…

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Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is gaining wide acceptance and is the single fastest growing roofing system in the world. We do not favor…

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Quality gutters are manufactured by Standard Roofing Company by running coils of sheetmetal through a “rolling machin…

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Decks & Railings

A walking deck is a system. A viable, comprehensive plan must be made before work begins. We will consult with a proper…

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ALUMINUM FRAMED PLEXIGLAS DOME SKYLIGHT This type of skylight can be manufactured to open, either manually or el…

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Windows & Doors

Standard Roofing Company specializes in both roofing and waterproofing. Many years ago we realized that most …

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