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A walking deck is a system. A viable, comprehensive plan must be made before work begins. We will consult with a property owner or agent before work begins to design and price any type of deck that is desired.


There are two general types of decks:

  • Decks sitting on dirt or concrete.
  • Decks that are waterproofed with habitable space under them.

The first type of deck is very common and its function and appearance are familiar to most property owners. We build these types of decks with natural wood products and also synthetic products.

The second type of deck is not so well understood, either in function or appearance, by many property owners. The type of waterproofing to be used on these decks is determined by the size of the deck, the slope of the building structure and the type of deck covering to be used.

Most building structures used for walking decks are relatively flat. Typically, a hot asphalt “built-up roof” works best here. In lieu of gravel, however, an isolating cover must be placed on this roof, such as rubber or roofing pads. This protects the waterproof membrane from damage and can be designed to take foot traffic directly or to accept wood decking, indoor/outdoor carpeting, etc.

Tile or slate surfaces can also be installed over this type of waterproofing, but great care must be taken to install a mineral-surfaced cap sheet and then proper expansion joints when the tiles or slates are laid.

Another popular type of deck is a Fiberglass-reinforced, polymer decking material attached directly to the wood sub-deck. The type and method of attachment of the plywood is critical. Standard Roofing Company uses a system that has been employed by Disneyland, Six Flags, etc., for decades. This system looks somewhat like cement and it provides the waterproofing and walking surface in one package. Custom colors are available.

Polymer decking systems require very specific types of wood underlayment and correct fastening. Start by planning the entire system, not just one component of it.

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